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The Holiday App gives you a perfect overview of the holidays in your country and worldwide. Many additional features are waiting for you.


The Holiday App offers more than 2600 public holidays in more than 160 countries and over 300 regions and provinces. More countries are going to follow.

Calendar Export

Holidays and dates can be transferred directly into the iPhone calendar with iOS 4. Furthermore, there exists an iCal export function that can be used for iOS 3.


Which holidays are today or will be tomorrow in the world? No problem. The calendar view shows you all holidays of one day.

Working days

How many working days are there next month? Find out for any period in any country the number of working days and free days.


The next holidays for your region at a glance. Simple and clear as it gets.


In the dictionary you can find information for every holiday: Is it a day off work, no school, or are there regional arrangements? Furthermore, there are useful background information.